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“The partnership and support of CMN was the determining factor in the planting of our church. Without CMN our church would not exist. The financial support was a small part of our ongoing relationship.”

Michael Santiago, Lead Pastor Focus Church

“CMN Provided the foundation that enabled my wife and me to cultivate and refine the dreams and visions God placed in our hearts for church planting. CMN continues to equip us to live out those dreams.”

Jeremy Dunn, Lead Pastor C/Life

“The Church Multiplication Network has played a huge role in the launch and sustained success of our church. With their support we were able to hit the ground running with speed and stability. The magnitude of CMN’s impact on our church plant would be impossible to measure”

Greg Ford, Lead Pastor One Church

“CMN walked me through the process of how to plant a church. They had affirmed God’s call on my life and that’s been huge as a female called to plant. People go into church planting and they don’t realize how hard it is and how lonely it can feel. CMN has never allowed us to feel alone.”

Jennifer McAfee, Lead Pastor Villages Community Church

“CMN has provided Center City Church with piratical resources, financial support and a genuine relational network. Our community is stronger because of their investment into our lives.”

David Docusen, Lead Pastor Center City Church

“CMN Matching Funds have been a huge blessing for us. It’s been very significant for our journey.”

Adelita Garza, Lead Pastor Puente de Vida

“Because of CMN START I found the path that I feel God wanted me to be on. Now I work very closely with Pastor Brad and the team of Reach Northeast, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know God has positioned me in a place to do what He needs me to, and I will always trace that back to START.”

Mitch Panek, Associate Pastor CityLife Church

“CMN LAUNCH led me to the right materials, the right focus, the right hear and the right people. If not for LAUNCH, I would have been running with a God-given vision, but not the practical training or connections to hit the ground with”

Nathan Kollar, Lead Pastor Clarity LA

“If we didn’t receive the CMN Matching Funds we would be meeting in a very different venue… It meant everything for us, to be in this theater, which is the BEST venue in our city”

Thad Huff, Lead Pastor Open Life

“CMN provides spaces where successful church planters teach the principles (not simply a model) of church planting in clear and effective ways, giving tomorrow’s leaders the tools they need to plant contextually appropriate churches in the unique communities to which they’re called.”

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  • Michael Santiago
  • Jeremy Dunn
  • Greg Ford
  • Jennifer McAfee
  • David Docusen
  • Adelita Garza
  • Mitch Panek
  • Nathan Kollar
  • Thad Huff
  • Stephen Feith