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Resources for New Believers

by Chris Railey

When people make a decision for Christ, how are you helping them? What are you doing to make sure they follow through with their faith? As the Church, it is our job not only to help people make decisions but to make disciples. That begins at the point of salvation.

There are a dozen or more ways on a Sunday morning to lead people to Christ. I’m not going to reopen the debate about whether or not we should have people pray a “repeat after me” prayer. And I’m not concerned here with advice on how to help motivate more unbelievers to make a decision. Perhaps I’ll share about that in a future column.

For now, I want to talk specifically about what you can do to help those who have made a decision. No matter how you determine who has made a decision — whether by a show of hands, a plea to come forward, or names on decision cards — once you identify new believers, you must equip them to follow through...

Follow Jesus - New Believer Curriculum

Follow Jesus is the new discipleship curriculum and video series created by Oaks Church in Dallas, TX, for new believers. This resource is now available for FREE.

If you have a friend who wants to grow in Christ, ask them to do the eight-week Follow Jesus program with you. Follow Jesus teaches you how to know you're saved, how to read the Bible, how to pray, how to hear God’s voice, and so much more.

We're excited to recommend this awesome, free new resource for you and your church!

Church Planter Feature: Ryan and Shayna Nissley


Our featured church planters for this month are Ryan and Shayna Nissley, lead pastors at Grace Church in Flat Rock, MI. Check out the story below as Ryan shares how one family in their community was impacted by the ministry of Grace Church.

Before the launch of Grace Church on Nov. 5, 2017, we prayed that God would build our church, drawing those that were called to be with us. When we announced on Facebook that we were launching, a young woman in her early 30’s named Kara left a comment. She said she started crying as soon as she read it and that she KNEW she was supposed to be with us at Grace.

Nine years ago, Kara was the student teacher in our son’s first grade class. She was drawn to my wife, Shayna, and, knowing we were pastors, she started asking questions about church. She attended a Lutheran Church a few times when she was a child, but hadn’t gone since. School ended and we didn’t see her again for some time.

Our families reconnected seven years later when her aunt died and the family asked me to preach her funeral. Again, we felt a God connection, but she had never come to our church at the time. With the announcement of Grace Church starting she was so excited and she committed to bringing her two little ones to church, but she felt her husband would never come because there was so much negativity from his childhood connected to church. Shayna prayed with her and Kara's husband ended up coming to their first service in November – and they’ve been consistent ever since!

The couple went through our Next Steps program, and Kara is now involved with "Grace Littles" and will be trained to lead it eventually. God is working in her marriage and children! She’s a baby when it comes to the Word and things of God, but she is so hungry for more. She loves coming down to the front and praying after the sermon and said we should do that every service.

The first few services, Kara would tell Shayna that she had started crying as soon as worship started and that she had to excuse herself. She was apologizing because she didn’t know what was happening. We explained to her that it was the presence of the Holy Spirit and that it was a good thing – so don’t try to stop it!

A few months ago, she received scary news from the doctor regarding her three-year-old son’s health. Shayna laid hands on him and last week, after all day being at the doctor and many tests, the doctors ended up confused because they couldn't find anything wrong with him! We praise God for all He has done through this one family! There are so many other God stories in these last seven months, and we are just honored to have a front row seat to watch Him do what only He can do!

"Engaging and Involving your Kids in Ministry" – Influence Magazine

Engaging and Involving your Kids in Ministry

by Chris Railey

Last week we talked about the unique challenges your kids face. The children of ministers grow up in different circumstances than many of their peers. Some may find their situation restrictive compared to other kids their age. For others, being a minister’s kid is a big advantage.

My prayer is that every child of a minister would see the positives in ministry. I know that’s not always the case. When it comes to schedules, your children are often at every service each weekend and at every event your church hosts, no matter what. The long hours, the possible interruptions to family life, and the higher standard to which others may hold your children can lead some ministry kids to disengage from church.

Our churches can be a place of growth for our kids, whether they attend every service or not. I’m a big proponent of letting kids be kids, allowing them space to grow and giving them the option of skipping when necessary. But when they’re in church, I know I want my kids to be fully a part of what’s happening...