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Trusting God For the How

by Sarah Trombley

It was never a question of whether we were called to plant a church, but "how" to plant has been the hardest part. How is scary in church planting. You can't make a healthy church plant happen without God, but God doesn't lay it all out for you in a how-to-plan. It's intimidating to say the least. When we decided to move and plant we had to trust God like we never had before.

For me, church planting has been a bit of a tug and pull of faith and panic. People say God works in mysterious ways, and that's true, but sometimes it seems as though God dropped the ball. The other day I was reading through Exodus, and it just seemed so relevant to church planting. The Israelites had seen God rescue them out of Egypt. The sea had parted for their passage, manna fell to feed them, and a pillar of fire guided them. They had every indication of Gods power, provision, and favor, yet, in their journey to the promised land, they began to doubt. They wandered, what seemed to be aimlessly, through the desert and lost trust that God was in control.

Our story goes that we moved to where we planted before we even had been approved to start our church. Everything was on the line. When we got the go ahead we were so overwhelmed. We really felt like we were to start in September, but it was May and we had five months to launch with no money and no team. We were terrified!

It seemed impossible. My husband, Josh, and I were stumped about how to recruit people, so we prayed for people and shared our vision. It seemed to take forever, and for awhile we thought we'd never have a team. Eventually every person (except our children's pastor), came to us and we had raised more than our budget.

Looking back it seems as though God was teaching us he would take care of things, on his schedule. Everything always seemed to come together right when we needed it to.

Leonard Sweet writes, "Finding peace is not getting control of life. Finding peace is trusting God even when life is out of control." God had proven himself faithful countless times in our life and ministry, yet so many times I would question him when plans would change. Just like the Israelites, I would doubt. The funny thing is, every time something seemed to fall through, God provided something better!

Church planting is completely terrifying and exciting at the same time. Your faith grows and is tested constantly. Trusting God for the "how" can be hard, but it's easy when we remember why- because he loves us.

Do not become discouraged in the season of the unknown and struggle. Remember that God will provide for you and your calling, just as he has for us.

Sarah and her husband Joshua planted Life Boat Church in Nova Scotia, Canada. Sarah assists with the background work and various ministries. She is a stay at home mom to four small kids- Levi, Jaidon, Ezekiel, and Karis. In her free time she enjoys being with people and cooking a good meal. You can email her at