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The Life-Altering, Eternal Consequences of "Yes"

By Dr. Elizabeth Rios

When we feel a tug on our heart and a stirring in our soul for more that is usually God's way of getting our attention. The thing is, once He has it, He will also usually point us in a direction that is way outside of our comfort zone. And if we are honest, we are often afraid to venture past our comfort zone, aren't we? Outside our comfort zone is where we experience the true awesomeness of God.  Just take the plunge and say yes!

That one word has an extraordinary power to change our life forever and have eternal consequences.

“By an act of faith, Abraham said YES to God's call to travel to an unknown place that would become his home. When he left he had no idea where he was going!” (Heb. 11:8, MSG)

When I have tried to say yes to the many things I feel God leading me to do, I’ve always felt way out of my comfort zone. Most recently is the yes I said to God to plant a church alongside my husband of 26 years with the CityReach Network. Thank goodness I am not the only one who said yes to something with no clue about where it would lead or where I was I going.

If you read through the Bible about all the men and women who decided to say “yes” to God, you will find that it was always a task that came with a side of crazy. Let’s see, there was:

Noah had the choice of building an ark or not. He said yes!

Moses stood before the burning bush, knowing that listening to God would put his life in danger. He said yes!

Mary, in the midst of what was perceived to be a scandalous situation, said yes and broke out into song singing, “my soul magnifies the Lord.”

Though I don’t exactly recall saying yes quickly or busting out in Elizabeth’s Magnificat, but I did say yes. All of us who say yes to this crazy, rollercoaster ride called church planting have entered into an extraordinary faith journey. We are saying yes to the story He is creating in our hearts and through our abilities, dreams, and faithfulness. It’s not just a special story—it’s an extraordinary one that each of us, with God, will experience together. 

God asks plain, ordinary people like you and me to join Him in an adventure. He finds us in overlooked places and expects us to do extraordinary things (as we say in CityReach). God issues us an invitation to a fuller life that makes a difference.

By saying, “yes” to God we are essentially saying that He is the most important thing in our lives, and that we trust Him even though we have no idea how things will turn out or where we will end up. Whether you have already planted or are preparing to plant soon, saying yes will be your greatest act of faith on this journey.

It took me longer than it should have to say “yes,” and as I look back now, with the perspective that comes with time, I realize that God has been asking me to trust Him even when I couldn’t trace Him. I also know I got to this point because a single “yes” naturally leads to the next one.

By continually saying yes to God, we can have the satisfaction of knowing that we made a life-altering decision that will have eternal consequences not only for our own lives, but also for the generations that follow us and for every person that we come into contact with each week.

Remember that fact as you set up and tear down on Sundays, as you wipe up poop in children’s ministry (filling in for that volunteer who didn’t show up), and as you dump the first batch of coffee you brewed because it got grinds in it while you were rushing on Sunday morning.

The satisfaction you will experience is similar to that of the Apostle Paul who near the end of his life, knew he had “fought the good fight, and run the good race.”

So let’s celebrate that we went beyond our comfort zone and said yes to one of the most important things we as Kingdom people can do: planting a church. We are a sorority of world changers even if no one ever knows our name beyond our Sunday tribe. By saying yes, you altered destiny. Lives have been and will be transformed. Hell will lose souls while heaven will gain them. Light will win over darkness. And that, my dear friends, is all because of the life-altering, eternal consequence of one simple word…YES.

Elizabeth "Liz" Rios has been saying yes to God for 26 years. This time she said yes to planting a church alongside her husband with the CityReach Network in Miramar, FL, September 2016, after 26 years of ministry in various capacities – some ventures greatly successful and some not so much. 

Elizabeth is also a consultant for startup ministries, entrepreneurs and schools via her company, Passion for Purpose International, LLC.  She's the queen of her home surrounded by men, her husband of 26 years, her son Samuel, who is off to college this year, and her younger son, Daniel, who is special needs and reminds her that every day is a gift.

In her "spare" time, she writes for a number of women's magazines, including her own at, and enjoys time by the pool and reading. Connect with Liz on Facebook here ( or email her at