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Living Prayer to Prayer

By Debbie Adamson

We are studying The Circle Maker on Wednesday nights. I have to say, chapters 10 and 11 were especially challenging for me – challenging in "wow, this is a challenge" (yikes!) and partially in "wow, I wanna take this challenge!"

I am pondering some of those concepts today and asking God for some of those truths to really sink in to change my heart-perspective on prayer and holy complications. I want to develop a deep, total dependence on God that is present in my life all the time, regardless of circumstance.

Today as I was in prayer working on being thankful for my past and present journey (which hasn't always been a fun one deserving giving thanks for, present days of late included, lol), I was reminded of a particularly hard time when my husband and I were called out of a ministry situation. This left us with no main income, and we were both doing everything we could to make ends meet.

My husband had several jobs, and I was able to bump up my hours. However, the stress of it was terrible. We sold stuff and emptied all of the bank accounts we had – including an Edward Jones wedding fund for our girl, Bethani. That account had enough money in it for a really nice future wedding, y'all! You know how it goes when you get financially desperate.

Of course God provided even in the midst of our faith-o-meter being as low as our bank accounts. With no tangible resources, we had to rely on God. We had no other options in this realm. I didn't enjoy that time at all, and quite frankly, I have never wanted to live like that again.

Until now.

In light of what I am learning these days, I am working to be at a place where I want to rely on God in all things. No matter what.

Did I just declare this publicly? Yep, I think I did.

As I was journaling about that difficult financial period our lives, I wrote about how we were living paycheck to paycheck. I started thinking about how many of us say, “living paycheck to paycheck.”

We need to live, instead, prayer to prayer.

Saying living paycheck to paycheck puts the emphasis on the money, on the provision. Saying living prayer to prayer puts the emphasis on God, the provider and our providence. It turns our eyes, in prayer to prayer, to the One who controls the provision anyway (and everything else in our lives, for that matter).

I am not talking about living prayer to prayer in a desperate way that parallels the attitude of the paycheck to paycheck method – offering prayer in hopelessness, stress, begging, worrying, etc. – but in a true, reverent, expectant, trusting, faith-strong, relational way.

The latter gives us peace because we are looking to God while implementing his promises that are true as the foundation for our finances and life. That is solid ground for sure.

Happy prayer-to-prayering today everyone!

Debbie Adamson is church planting wife and administrator at Abundant Life Church in Pengilly, MN.