Consistency and Change – CMN Women


Consistency and Change

by Lisa Boyd

We are just over four years old in our church plant, and there is literally no one left from our original launch team. I used to be very upset by that thought. However, I have realized how much things have changed in the past four years.

God is taking our church in a different direction.

Our "why" is still the same, but our "how" has changed a lot!

In his book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek encourages readers to know what their why is. He says, "By why I mean what is your purpose, cause, or belief? Why does your company exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?"

The culture in South Florida shifts very rapidly. Our community is not the same that it was four years ago. Tons of high rise apartments, new plazas with trendy restaurants, and large hotels have been put up since our launch.

Many of the team members who left were stuck in the old mentality of what Boca once was. They didn't want to change with the community. Although it was tough to lose people who are so dear to us and were such a huge part in our beginning stages, we knew it was necessary for them to go in order for us to move forward.

One thing I know that is always constant in church planting is CHANGE!

We are constantly changing our methods, constantly changing our decor, constantly shifting in every area. There are a lot of things that are ever-changing, but we never compromise the message. We remember our why!

We should always be re-evaluating our methods to make sure that we are being effective in the Kingdom of God! It's all about how to reach souls.

Your how may change, but your why remains constant.

Lisa Boyd works alongside her husband Rob at their 3 year old church plant, Salt Church, (a CMN church) in Boca Raton, FL. She also serves as a section women’s representative in the Pen Florida District. Lisa is currently attending Global University online to become a credentialed minister herself. They have 2 sons (Bobby-13, Liam-11) and an adopted daughter (Katrina-6) whom she is homeschooling. She enjoys reading and making soap in her spare time.