"Defining Your Core Values" – Influence Magazine

Defining Your Core Values

by Chris Railey

Imagine going on a trip. You know where you’re going. You’ve got the route mapped out and the car packed. You start the car and head out. But 30 minutes later, you’re stranded on the side of the road. What happened? You forgot to fuel up.

With vision, you know where you’re going. And you will also be able to define a mission, a roadmap for how to get there. But your values will provide the fuel in your tank to keep you going forward. They are the determining factor for why you do whatever you do in ministry.

Your values are the fuel of your vision. Without them, you can’t expect to go very far. In the weeks ahead, we’ll talk specifically about how to craft values that fuel your vision. Today, let’s start by defining what a value is.

What exactly are values? We often use this word without giving a lot of thought to it. But having a real definition of values will help you not only identify your own and your church’s values, but also articulate them to your team.

Values are strong beliefs. A value is a stated reason for doing something, for thinking a certain way or responding in a specific manner. Values are what you feel down deep, what get you up in the morning and moving through the day. You can’t live without values! And when you try to do ministry outside of your values, you feel empty…