"Communicating and Implementing Your Core Values" – Influence Magazine

Communicating and Implementing Your Core Values

by Chris Railey

What are your values? They are your strongest-held beliefs. A value is a stated reason for doing something, for thinking a certain way, or responding in a specific manner. We all have values, because down deep we all have beliefs that drive our behavior. Influential leaders are separated from the pack because they know their values and use them to fuel vision.

Values can get you moving. You can’t really live without them! And when you attempt ministry outside of your set of values, you will feel empty and face certain failure.

Your vision is a roadmap, where you want your ministry, your church and even your life to go. The values you hold to hardest will fuel that journey along the roadmap. You need to discover and define your values. But that’s only the first step.

Now that you know your values, you need to communicate them and implement them. Knowing your values is not enough. If you never share them, infuse them in others, and build behavior based around them, it’s like having a full tank of gas but never pushing the accelerator.…