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Building Your Bench

(Dealing with transition on staff, Part 2)

by Chris Railey

Dealing with transitions on your staff can be tricky. It’s time-consuming to search and interview new staff people. Finding a temporary replacement can be a headache. Add to that the loss of a relationship and chemistry on staff, and you can see why pastors tend to avoid this topic.

When you have a way to fill those positions quickly and effectively, it reduces your stress level. You don’t panic, and you’re ready to address any transition. But how do you accomplish that?

Instead of searching for replacements, what if you had them ready to go? What if you had a “bench” of talented staff members ready to take on new positions, part-timers ready to move up to full-time status, or key lay leaders ready to make the move to vocational ministry? That’s what you get when you build a bench.

If you transition from within, it’s much smoother. That’s because you’ve already found good, quality candidates and are currently investing in them. Here are a few ideas for how to build that bench…