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How to Send Well

(Dealing with transition on staff, Part 3)

by Chris Railey

Our main goal at the Church Multiplication Network is to see a healthy church in every community in America. I’m proud to say we are well on our way to accomplishing that. It’s being done through the hard work of church planters starting brand new works, young pastors taking over established churches, and existing churches continuing to grow in health.

It is a rule of God’s natural world that healthy things grow, and growing things change. You know it’s true; just look at your yard. If it’s healthy, you’ll see growth. Some of it is hard to see, like an elm tree that’s been there for a while. Other growth is easier to see, like the grass that needs cutting weekly during the summer.

When it comes to your church, it’s easy to focus on numerical growth. That may or may not be easy to see. But don’t be so zeroed in on the growth part of a healthy church that you miss the change part. As your ministry continues on, it will take different shapes. You may have a new emphasis. And you may add or subtract staff along the way.

Transitioning well is not just about how to add staffers when you need them. It also involves managing the changes when a staff member leaves. Staff turnover can be a source of tension, or it can be seen as an opportunity. How you handle it could determine the continued health of your church…