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Co-Leading With Your Spouse

by Chris Railey

One of the trends we’re seeing in church planting, and in church leadership in general, is the growing number of pastors co-leading with their spouses. This model of ministry comes with many benefits for the ministry leaders and the church, but to do it well there are several factors to consider.

The marriage relationship is certainly special. The two of you already have a great partnership when it comes to your marriage, household and children. It might make sense to translate that to your church. I believe that co-leading with your spouse is a potentially great way not only to increase your effectiveness and influence as a minister but also to deepen your relationship with your spouse.

There are some things to consider before jumping in, though. You want to guard against something that looks good on paper but may be bad in reality. You need to be committed to the concept and prepared for the process before you begin…