"Leading Cross-Generationally" – Influence Magazine

Leading Cross-Generationally

by Chris Railey

It’s easy for churches to divide according to specific demographics. Of course, that includes geographical, and even financial or social standing. How does that work when you have multiple generations reflected in your community?

Young people will naturally want to attend and serve with other young people. And the older generation can sometimes become distrustful or even resentful of rapid changes around them. The answer is not to segregate but to integrate.

Leading a cross-generational church means not only reaching all people, but understanding the value generations bring to one another. It means you take an active interest in individuals on all spectrums of life, whether they are married, have children, are still single, or are single again. There is no age group that is left out.

On paper, this seems easy. But in reality, it can be quite difficult. It takes a special church and a committed leader to make it work. When I’ve seen it work, it has produced a church that is strong, vibrant and growing. When people of different ages come together in the same church, people of all walks of life are attracted to them…