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Just One Question

by Catie Naranjo

It was probably not one of the smartest things I’ve done.  Fights were breaking out, the noise level was escalating, and tensions were high – all because I taught the church preschool class how to play “Follow the Leader.”  It’s amazing how three-year-olds have the same innate desire to call the shots that we still have as adults! We may not push, shove and yell to be the leader, but I wonder if it ever sounds that way to God, who hears our hearts?

In Jeremiah 2, God is chiding his people for no longer being willing to follow His leadership. Of the nation He says, “They did not ask, ‘Where is the Lord?’” And even harder, in verse 8 He says that even “The priests did not ask, ‘Where is the Lord?’”

Please forgive me God for running ahead and not pausing to make sure that I am calibrated to Your will – day by day, moment by moment.

So, this year, I am recommitting to follow The Leader. How? By intentionally stopping and asking just one question: “Where is the Lord?” We all have more on our plates than can possibly be accomplished each day.  But instead of getting overwhelmed or running ahead, I want to take my plate to God and ask, “Where are You in this?,” and “Where are You leading me?”

The answer is not always the same.  

  • Sometimes He is leading me into that difficult conversation with my spouse.
  • He may be ready to help me finally tackle that ministry project I’ve been avoiding.
  • Other times, He is waiting for me at my kitchen table with my Bible and journal.  
  • Maybe today He is on my living room floor, simply playing a game with my kids.  

Moment by moment – where is the Lord in your day?

Ladies, that is how we stay sane on this crazy ride – we concern ourselves with following our Leader and nothing more. Will we live our lives both aware and responsive to His presence? Will we follow His lead?

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Catie Naranjo and her husband, Jeremy, planted Summit Church in Anthem, AZ in 2015. They have two amazing kids, a grumpy cat, and are honored to be called by God to build His church.

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