Church Planter Feature: Byron Tye Ellis


Byron Tye Ellis and his wife, Ashley, planted Redemption Church in Beaumont, TX, in 2016. Since then, God has been doing incredible things in their community.

We asked Byron to send us a story about how their city has been impacted by their church. He shared the story below. Take a look!

Who is Jesus? That is really the most important question that a person can ask themselves and on Easter Sunday that was the same question that was running through Kayla’s mind. Kayla’s story is not all that unique in our area. Her parents were very religious, but not active in a local church. And so, as a teenager she lost her faith in God. Several years later, she woke up on Easter and decided to go to church for the first time. By her own admission she was very nervous as she didn’t know what to expect, but the question “who is Jesus?” was still haunting her every moment.

As she walked in the doors of our church – which is really a bar in the downtown area – she noticed it wasn’t like the church she occasionally went to as a child. The atmosphere was different, the people were friends, and the music was loud. When it was time for the sermon, as the pastor stood on the stage, the first words that came out of his mouth were, “Who is Jesus?" 

"That is the most important question you will ever ask – and some of you have been asking that this morning.” Hairs on her arm stood up. Kayla claims that entire Easter Sunday was just for her; an answer to a prayer she didn’t know she was praying.

That Sunday, Kayla surrendered her life to Jesus. She quickly filled out a connect card and joined a community group and our church’s serve team. It was only a few weeks later that Kayla made her decision to follow Jesus known to everyone when she was baptized in the center of the city.

In just a few months, God has totally transformed this young woman’s life. Kayla is now one of the most faithful, loving, and generous people who call Redemption Church home. Kayla’s story is powerful – and I believe just the beginning of what Jesus wants to do in our city. I am grateful for CMN and their resources and relationships that make stories like Kayla’s possible.

–Byron Tye Ellis