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The Lonely Pastor

by Chris Railey

People are lonely more than ever today. In the last 30 years, the number of people who lack strong, close relationships has tripled. In one study, when researchers asked people how many friends they had, the most common answer was “zero.”

Relationships make us healthier and happier. On the flip side, loneliness increases our risk for heart disease and high blood pressure. In short, we need each other.

With the amount of social connectivity over the internet and through our devices, you'd think people would become less isolated. However, just having friends on Facebook doesn’t make up for a lack of friendships in real life.

Pastors are not immune to loneliness. In fact, I think it’s worse among ministers. Pastors have always found it hard to connect closely with others. Today’s climate just increases that problem. We need to do something about this...