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Leading Excellence

by Chris Railey

The desire and drive for excellence is imbedded in our whole culture. We look for excellence everywhere. We use the word “excellent” to describe a great customer service experience. And we all want excellence from those we lead.

But what is excellence? It seems to be one of those buzzwords that is hard to explain but easy to understand. When it comes to service, we want excellence. You look for it when you need to take your car to the shop or when looking for a handyman to do repairs at your house. You want an excellent restaurant. You want your sports team to play with excellence.

What does it mean in a ministry setting? The first thing most people think of when we use the word “excellence” in church is perhaps an attractive website, a well-maintained facility or highly trained musicians. We may think of a staff that can produce quality results with minimal effort. Our mind may even go toward creative elements throughout the message or on social media.

All of those things may make up excellence in ministry, but they aren’t the main thing. They are results of a church that ministers with excellence. To get there, we need to have a grasp of what excellence means. It’s not enough to value excellence personally. We need to teach it and train it and model it for it to become part of the culture. And before we can do that, we need to verbalize what it is...