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Church Appeal

by Chris Railey

Growing up in church, did you have to wear your “Sunday best”? For us guys, that probably meant slacks and a button-up shirt. For the unluckiest, it required a suit and tie. For girls and women, it may have meant a dress.

Many churches have opted for casual attire. That’s because we’ve found that a pair of jeans and an untucked polo shirt can help put people at ease who might not otherwise come to church. But there is one area in which we still need to bring our Sunday best.

When we talk about church, we mean a few different things. One of those is your building.

Your church’s facility will have the very first say to any and all visitors. When they see your sign from the road, pull into the parking lot, step through the door and find a seat in the sanctuary, they receive a multitude of messages about who you are and whether you care about them. All of that before one song is sung or one verse is read.

We hear a lot about curb appeal on HGTV or from real estate agents. It’s the way your house looks to those who come to visit. I want to introduce another term: church appeal. We can attract or repel people who have an interest in our church by how the building looks, feels and functions...