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Resources for New Believers

by Chris Railey

When people make a decision for Christ, how are you helping them? What are you doing to make sure they follow through with their faith? As the Church, it is our job not only to help people make decisions but to make disciples. That begins at the point of salvation.

There are a dozen or more ways on a Sunday morning to lead people to Christ. I’m not going to reopen the debate about whether or not we should have people pray a “repeat after me” prayer. And I’m not concerned here with advice on how to help motivate more unbelievers to make a decision. Perhaps I’ll share about that in a future column.

For now, I want to talk specifically about what you can do to help those who have made a decision. No matter how you determine who has made a decision — whether by a show of hands, a plea to come forward, or names on decision cards — once you identify new believers, you must equip them to follow through...