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Emotional Intelligence

by Chris Railey

As leaders, we should always be gaining knowledge and skill. Leaders are learners. That means you are reading up on the latest data and techniques, participating in training and coaching, and honing your skills through intentional practice. The wealth of books, articles, podcasts and seminars devoted to developing leaders seems endless.

But one skill we all must master for people to care about following us is emotional intelligence. You may be able to create systems that make it easy for people to communicate need across departments. You may be able to articulate vision in a competent and passionate way. You may be able to define goals and strategically plan their achievement.

However, if you lack emotional intelligence, you may find yourself constantly behind.

Do you struggle with difficult circumstances? Do you find it hard to connect with others in meaningful ways? Are you easily offended or get angry at the drop of a hat? You may need a tune up when it comes to emotional intelligence...