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Just Plant a Church

by Rachel Bowman

“Go ahead, walk right in. The door looks closed but you only need to turn the knob. All the unopened doors, the disappointment, the heaviness in the years of waiting – it wasn’t for naught. This is what I had planned all along.” –God

I responded with doubt and fear. 

“Start a church from nothing?
Where I know no one?
When I have no money?
When I have no idea what I am doing?
When I have four kids under four?
When we both have day jobs?
When I feel completely unqualified?
No, no I can’t do that – it’s too big.”

It was unmistakable and unshakable in our spirit. We both knew God was shining a bright light on the path to plant a church.

So we walked.

Slowly tiptoeing, shaking, arms extended in the bitter darkness searching for direction and confirmation to hold onto.

There were no burning bushes, no audible words.

Just doors opening when we spoke in faith and asked God to open them.
Just ‘yes’ when we asked for support from our sending church.
Just people showing up in our lives from nowhere who lived in Milford.
Just matching funds and people offering generously.
Just equipping classes offered to us that poured into us.
Just four elated kids who can’t wait to to lay the foundation for a new community.
Just Jesus answering prayer after prayer each time we took a tiny step in the direction of this dream He had dreamt for Milford. 
Just Jesus.

Exactly, precisely, absolutely, completely, totally, entirely, perfectly, wholly Jesus.
Jesus using us when we were unsure, but said yes anyway.
Just what we needed.
Just what Milford needed.

You see, each step felt tiny, like we were ‘just’ moving inch by inch. We were, but now we see it wasn’t ‘just’ anything. It was a move of God. 

He gently guided us. We felt blindfolded, yet He lovingly revealed His dream in a garage with 16 people willing to join the battle. He showed up that night and filled us with hope.

One year has passed and I still get lonely, exhausted to the bone, doubtful and full of fear that it will all fall apart at any moment. That’s when Jesus steps in and reminds me to just be faithful today. He has doubled, tripled and now multiplied many times over increased our team since day one. 

You can stand. You can go. You are not ‘just’ doing small things. It doesn’t always make sense. Every fear will be ruined if you are faithful. Be free, walk in faith and just go plant a church.

“I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert " (Isaiah 43:19).

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Rachel Bowman is a mom to four in four years, pastor's wife, church planter, and writer of words. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, a Lego-free floor, and encouraging women where they are.  Her and her husband, Paul, launched Anchor Church in 2017. She graduated from Eastern University and is working on becoming a credentialed minister.