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Engaging and Involving your Kids in Ministry

by Chris Railey

Last week we talked about the unique challenges your kids face. The children of ministers grow up in different circumstances than many of their peers. Some may find their situation restrictive compared to other kids their age. For others, being a minister’s kid is a big advantage.

My prayer is that every child of a minister would see the positives in ministry. I know that’s not always the case. When it comes to schedules, your children are often at every service each weekend and at every event your church hosts, no matter what. The long hours, the possible interruptions to family life, and the higher standard to which others may hold your children can lead some ministry kids to disengage from church.

Our churches can be a place of growth for our kids, whether they attend every service or not. I’m a big proponent of letting kids be kids, allowing them space to grow and giving them the option of skipping when necessary. But when they’re in church, I know I want my kids to be fully a part of what’s happening...