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Dealing With Confrontation With Your Board

by Chris Railey

Confrontation is unavoidable. That’s because you will always have conflict. We lead people, and people are imperfect. When imperfect people get together, you will have conflict.

When leaders try to avoid confrontation, they only push the problems under the rug. The conflict piles up and up without being addressed. And soon it starts to affect other areas of church, ministry and even personal life.

But when leaders manage confrontation, they gain more respect from their peers and followers. They also clear the way for vision to advance. Confrontation, done right, can lead to better communication and cooperation between people.

Last week, I talked about how to handle confrontation on your staff. Today, I want to look at dealing with confrontation with your board. This is the second level of leaders that you will interact with in your church. In some ways, your relationship with your board may be more crucial. Managing confrontation with this group is vital to your continued leadership and direction...