"Spreading the Salt in South Florida" – AG News

It snowed last December in Boca Raton, Florida. Well, at least members of Salt Church threw snowballs outside after an ice manufacturer trucked in some white stuff for a Christmas service at the middle school where adherents meet.

Among the curious visitors that day was a 30-year-old woman addicted to prescription drugs. Frozen with fear, she reluctantly came inside only after the service started. At the end, she prayed to receive Christ as Savior after confiding to Pastor Rob D. Boyd that she had been mad at God because of her brother’s death.

“That’s what’s so cool about church plants,” says Rob, 44, who with his wife, Lisa, started the church in their living room. “People come who wouldn’t go somewhere else. That woman was afraid God would kill her if she went into a church.”

That woman — who died two weeks later from a seizure — represents one of nearly 45 individuals who have committed to follow Christ as Savior, thanks to the ministry of the unusual, young-adult-oriented congregation.

The Boyds launched Salt Church in 2012 with help from the Church Multiplication Network (CMN) and the Matching Fund from AGTrust…

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