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How to Transition Well

by Chris Railey

Of all the elements in your weekend worship service, which do you think is most important? Those of us who preach will say the sermon, of course. But ask any worship pastor, and he or she will have a different opinion. But instead of those two main pieces working against each other, what if they worked together to be more fluid and connected?

The best way to make sure both your worship and sermon are the best they can be is by transitioning well from one to the other. Of all the elements in your weekend worship service, this may be the most overlooked.

You will spend a lot of time in sermon prep each week. You will spend a lot of time preparing the set list for worship, making sure the band is practiced and prepared. You will even spend some time in making sure announcements are interesting and engaging. But what you may miss is moving from one to the other smoothly.

When you transition well, these elements complement, rather than compete with, one another. When you don’t transition so well, both your worship and message can fall flat. With an awkward transition, you may be struggling to get your audience focused in the first five minutes. Wouldn’t you rather keep the atmosphere of worship moving along into your sermon?

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