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Sustaining Momentum

by Chris Railey

One of the greatest mysteries of leadership is how your church can go from “Everything’s going great,” to, “Nothing seems to be going right.” Weeks of success are often followed by weeks of missed opportunities.

Sometimes that transition feels like it happens overnight. One week, you have more than enough volunteers. And then the next month your team is scrambling to fill all the holes. Your attendance may be running at an all-time high. And then you see a sudden drop-off over the next few weeks. Even minor missed details seem to bunch up, like sound glitches the same week as misspelled words in the handout and a fender bender in the parking lot.

There is a natural flow to the life of your church. Record success is almost never sustainable over the long haul. You will have weeks where your attendance, giving and baptisms are up, and then weeks where they are down. That’s normal.

But every church should want to keep moving upward. Over the span of a year, we should all want to see continued success, however you define that. The key is to sustain momentum while things are going well.

Success can sometimes blind us to what’s ahead. It can also make us complacent. One of the greatest challenges of ministry is not turning around a bad situation, but keeping a great flow going.

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