"How to Lead Your City, Not Just Your Church" – Influence Magazine

How to Lead Your City, Not Just Your Church

by Chris Railey

One of the catalysts for growth in the church we started in Texas was a commitment to build trust with our community by aggressively meeting the needs around us. We made this commitment while our church was still small and before we had the resources to really make a sizable impact. I believe God honored that commitment and opened doors for our church that led to dynamic growth spiritually and numerically, and sizable and sustained impact in our city.

Our heart and commitment turned into an annual citywide campaign that helped us meet needs, build trust and share the gospel.

Citywide campaigns can be a great way to promote the gospel, evangelize the lost, and strengthen the church while reaching out to the community. The goal is not to market your own church but to put a spotlight on Jesus while you care for those in your city…