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The coast was far from clear for Michael Janetis to plant a church in the Florida Panhandle. The strongest storm on record hit the region right after his initial strategy session.

Subsequently, he instead focused more on helping the displaced to recover from Hurricane Michael, which made landfall last Oct. 10 near Mexico Beach with 155 mph winds and a strong storm surge. At least 60 people died in the Category 4 storm, which caused $14.5 billion in damages.

“Day after day following Hurricane Michael, pastor Michael took countless supplies to Panama City, helped people in need, brought hope back to many homes, and preached the gospel,” says Yuriy Mayba, pastor of Impulse Church in Miramar Beach, Florida. “I believe he will do great things here, where God has called him.”

In July 2018, Janetis, his wife, Jaime, and their three children moved to Destin, intending to launch a congregation with the help of the Church Multiplication Network. For the past five years, Janetis had served as worship leader at The Waters Church in Sartell, Minnesota.

He is building a team to plant Oceans Church, a parent-affiliated congregation in relationship with The Waters Church...