Go East, Young Man – AG News


Nathan L. Kollar is a pastor, but he also is an artist and a musician. It’s not surprising that this son of a professional rocker-turned-preacher (Assemblies of God pastor Charles A. Kollar) is burdened to reach creative people with the gospel.

That calling led Nathan, 36, and his wife, Jessica, to move nine years ago from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, where they planted Dwell Church, which drew people working in the multifaceted entertainment industry. Kollar’s ministry flourished; Dwell Church launched other congregations. He became a SoCal Network executive presbyter.

Then the Lord gave a surprising directive: Move to Nashville.

As a creative hub, Tennessee’s largest city, like Los Angeles, is among urban centers that tell stories heard far and wide. Such hubs shape the world’s imagination and drive culture. They are places where music, film, and other forms of art are made. The Nashville region is exploding with new growth. It’s not the first time an AG musician-turned-pastor has felt called to Tennessee’s capital.

“It’s important that we don't just complain about where culture is headed, but that we go in as missionaries to where that culture is actually created, and plant churches there,” Kollar says...