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Launching Essence Place in West Hartford, Connecticut, in the spring of 2018 has tested the faith and perseverance of lead pastors Brad and Christan Causey.

In sync with spiritually frigid New England, Connecticut is comprised of a 23 percent “nones” population, those defined as atheists, agnostics, or claiming no religion. West Hartford residents paint a bleaker picture: an estimated 44 percent have no affiliation with any faith.

“We exist to serve and be engaged in this community,” says Brad, 35. “We desire to bring a fresh understanding about the grace and love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Sensing God’s call to this needy area, the Causeys left secure senior staff positions after serving eight years at Evangel Assembly in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

Working with the Church Multiplication Network, they landed in West Hartford in 2017, helped by a launch team of a dozen adults. The couple, with three children ages 3 to 8 at the time, moved to West Hartford to connect with those in the affluent, multiethnic city of 63,000. Christan, 35, even worked at a local Starbucks for a while.

“God led me there to learn more about pastoring outside the four walls of the church,” she says…

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