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Travis B. Clark and wife, Jena, planted Canvas, an Assemblies of God congregation, in downtown San Francisco in 2013 to reach millennials and the tech community. Today, the church draws 400 people per Sunday, many of them with minimal spiritual backgrounds.

“Being around people who are skeptical or don’t believe in God is pretty familiar space for me,” says Travis, who grew up in a family full of skeptics. “Jena and I are wired to live in cities, especially cities where being a person of Christian faith is a minority.”

Canvas, which until recently was in a parent-affiliated relationship with New Life Church, a megachurch located in the suburb of Dublin, meets in a middle school in a wealthier part of San Francisco called the Marina district. The church draws young singles and families who work for industry giants such as Facebook and Google.

The Clarks, both 32, had no prior experience in the City by the Bay. They both grew up in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa, Arizona. Jena came from a praying family; Travis met the Lord in high school and abandoned the party scene to dive into ministry. He and Jena met as interns at Journey Church in Mesa, married at 19, then served AG congregations in Illinois and Arizona.

“I felt that if I could give my life to anything, it’s building the local church and creating space where wounded and skeptical people like my high school self could find belonging, even before they believe,” says Clark…

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