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Paul Hanfere worked as a project manager for Dell when he felt God call him into ministry. He quit his job, sold his car, and gave away possessions. When he began attending a ministry school, he had no idea God would use him to start a church that would attract 431 attendees its first Sunday.

“Pastoring was never on my grid,” Hanfere says. “I thought I was going to be in the marketplace. I thought leading a Bible study or small group would be a stretch.”

Hanfere felt the call to full-time ministry during a small worship service.

“God began to show me the distinct faces of people I had never met,” Hanfere recalls. “I felt He was saying, I want you to gather My lost sons and daughters.”

Hanfere began pastoring a young adult multiethnic service at the congregation where his father, Aligaz, pastors. The main location of International Ethiopian Evangelical Church is in Washington, D.C., with six additional branch campuses in the region. Paul and his wife, Christina, led the international service to help young adults transition. Many individuals from that service eventually became part of the launch team for Overflow City Church in Silver Spring, Maryland…