Church Planters Honored – AG News

Chris Railey reviewed the history and future of the Church Multiplication Network Aug. 1 in a luncheon attended by 450 pastors.

Railey, who serves as CMN director, recalled how the Assemblies of God has planted 3,785 congregations since Steve Pike pioneered CMN in 2008. In the past 11 years, 7,800 church planters have been trained and 550 church startups financed by the AGTrust Matching Fund.

“Our biggest need is not money,” Railey said. “The biggest issue we’re dealing with is where the leaders come from.”

CMN is addressing that matter on multiple levels. An annual conference started last year has become a vital recruiting tool. The ministry also has implemented a series of eight Launch events per year, attended by prospective church planters. Those neophytes are encouraged by a growing field team.

One of the newest innovations has been CMN U, headed up by Preston Ulmer, recently hired as part of the CMN national staff based in Springfield, Missouri. CMN U seeks to develop relationships with potential church planters who aren’t necessarily ready to step into ministry in the immediate future. CMN also offers a plethora of free resources for church planters.

At the luncheon, Railey recognized Tyler R. Hagan, who on Sept. 15 will launch the first Assemblies of God congregation in Oakland in 40 years. Currently, only two AG churches exist in the California city of 433,000.