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Adjusting to the Darkness

by Catie Naranjo

I am an amateur photographer at best. However, there are moments I forget that, and the other night was one of those times. The beauty of our budding backyard tree against the bright night sky was stunning. I quickly ran inside and grabbed my fancy camera but was disappointed as all my shots were too dark to even make out.

Then, since I’m a photo genius (after I Googled it), I realized I needed to slow WAY down. Just like our eyes need time to adjust to the dark, a camera lens has to as well.

Isn’t this true spiritually? When the darkness comes, we must also adjust and slow down. We probably didn’t schedule in that conflict with our spouse, an ER visit with our child, or an emergency counseling session with that new lady in our church. We rarely anticipate a spiritual battle. However, when it does happen – and it will – we have to set aside our regularly scheduled pace, slow down, and adjust.

Yes, this can be frustrating. The temptation is push through the crisis or battle because we just don’t have time for that. But, if we don’t, we will find ourselves spinning our wheels, frustrated that we can’t seem to gain traction. How many times I must look ridiculous to God, running in circles in the dark!

Instead, He tells us to be still. Darkness requires this – slow down and be still.

See, even after I adjusted my camera’s lens to slow down and was at least seeing images, they were still blurry. In fact, I couldn’t see anything clearly until I forced myself to be completely still. The slightest move of my hands or even a breath would offset my focus.

“Lord, help me to learn to be still in the darkness. Teach me to rest in You.”

Spiritual warfare is no joke – it often takes most of my energy as a church planter, and yet is difficult to describe as much of it is unseen and internal. This kind of darkness is intangible, yet cannot and should not be ignored. Instead, ladies, let’s choose to engage the battle as Moses did – waiting upon God, as Ester did – fasting before Him, and as Daniel did – keeping prayer a priority.

This is where clarity and wisdom is given. This is where spiritual ground will be taken. 

Adjusting to the darkness. 

This is where light will dawn and something beautiful will be created.

Catie and her husband Jeremy planted Summit Church in Anthem, AZ in 2015.  They have two amazing kids, a grumpy cat, and are honored to be called by God to build His church.