Realife Church Conference – August 11-12, 2019

A message from Pastor Adam Detamore:

“I will never forget the day I realized that our people weren’t the problem, our finances weren’t the problem, and our community wasn’t the problem. I was the problem.

I knew how to lead spiritually, or so I thought, but I didn’t know how to lead strategically. That sent me on a decade-long journey to discover the spiritual and organizational strategies necessary to help our church grow.

What we’ve found are not the keys to overnight success, but keys to the day-in and day-out hard work of building the church. It’s our heart’s desire to share what we’ve learned with you, so that you can begin to move the ball down the field, and get some wins for yourself, for your church, and for the Kingdom of God.

Join us for the Realife Church Conference, August 11-12, 2019, at Realife Church in Greenfield, IN.”