"Revitalizing the Heart of Sacramento" – AG News


Drawn strongly to the heart of Sacramento, Caleb and Chrissy Cole began praying about planting a church in the capital city of the most populous U.S. state. At the time, people were fleeing downtown, and it looked as though the city would lose its beloved NBA basketball team, the Kings. Still, the Coles and half a dozen other couples planted Project Church in 2012.

Every couple in their first small group included a white man and a nonwhite woman (Chrissy is Filipina). Today the church remains less than half white — and it is young. The average age of attendees is just 28, and many are single and highly mobile due to careers. Others are state workers who live downtown — as well as a number of homeless people from a nearby park.

“It’s an eclectic mix of people, and a diverse mix of races because that’s what Sacramento looks like,” Cole says. “It feels like heaven...."