"Transplanted Transformation" – AG News


Bode Abodunde is passionate about reaching Philadelphia with the gospel. But his journey to the pulpit of Transform Church, an Assemblies of God Parent Affiliate Church and plant of the Church Multiplication Network connected with City Life Church, began well outside the city limits of the City of Brotherly Love.

Originally from Nigeria, Abodunde was born to a mother who embraced Christ despite her atheistic husband.

“In my teens, I dabbled in drugs and alcohol and was headed in a downward spiral,” Abodunde says. “I caused a lot of stress for my mom. She was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to make it to heaven.”

But a co-worker gave Abodunde a Christian book that deeply affected him.

“I read through that book and I broke down crying,” Abodunde remembers. “I decided that Sunday I was going to church and give my life to Jesus...."