The Church Multiplication Network loves Chi Alpha. That’s why it's our desire to see every Chi Alpha student and alumni engaged in life-giving local churches during and after their college experience.

CMN specializes in new churches, started by entrepreneurial, evangelistic leaders on a mission to make disciples. Those churches are a great fit for anyone who has been involved with Chi Alpha. 

If you’re a Chi Alpha student or alumni, there are multiple ways for you to connect to a new church:

  • Attending a Chi Alpha on your campus but haven’t plugged in at a church yet?
  • Graduating soon and moving off to enter the workforce?
    • Find a community of believers to belong to, and bring your professional skills and passion for disciple-making to a new church on the church plant map.
  • Feel like God has called you to join the team at a new church?
    • Click on Start Year to see how you can get funding to work on a church team full-time or part-time while you start your career.
  • If you’d like more information about new churches (how to find one, how to get involved, how to start one, etc.) click here and we’ll connect with you.


See what Chi Alpha leaders are saying about CMN

Chi Alpha friends, it is my pleasure to recommend CMN and their network of church plants to you. Your transition into "the real world" is just as high-stakes as was your transition from high school to college. Finding a spiritual community to share life with in the place where you will live and work is critical. 

In addition, church plants are a great opportunity for those with Chi Alpha DNA to continue to exercise their discipleship and community building skills. A "Chi Alphan" simply can't imagine a spiritual life where you are not a major contributor to the community through service and discipleship. CMN church plants are high on passion and vision and in need of such Christians with a Kingdom view of life. These are churches where we can let God do through us what He has done in us during our Chi Alpha years!

CMN is a credible, well-led fellowship of men and women who believe in Chi Alpha and in the potential of Chi Alpha Alumni. I hope you, as I have, will choose a church plant for your church family.

-Lennon Noland (XA Director, North Texas District)

With thousands of Chi Alpha alumni joining the marketplace each year, we need to help them find ways where they can continue to serve and grow. How fortunate that the Church Multiplication Network (CMN), one of our sister organizations in the Assemblies of God and the nation's top church planting organization, is here to help our students succeed post-college! 

Consider investing in the Kingdom of God by giving a year to a CMN church plant where you can live out your faith and continue to be part of a strong Christian community.

-Brad Novosad (XA Director, Nebraska District)