CMN U 101 is an online cohort for young leaders that provides a clear pathway for growing in your life with Jesus and pursuing your interest in church planting. The course is broken down into four key concepts:

  • Who am I?

  • What does God want me to do?

  • How will we do it?

  • Who will I learn from?

Accompanying each key concept are two key practices which will give you tools to engage in each area of your life and better prepare you for becoming the church planter God is calling you to be.

While we can’t possibly cover everything in one course, our desire is to touch on a few of the most important principles, so that they might serve as a starting place for continued growth.

We believe that as we live into these four areas in increasing measure, we will become more fully-formed disciples of Jesus who join God in the transformation of everything through starting innovative and necessary faith communities. Thank you for joining us on this journey!