CMN Launch

July 11-13, 2018 | $549

Wednesday at 8:30 AM – Friday at 12:00 PM

Launch is a three-day training event designed to adequately prepare leaders who want to plant a church or start a new church campus. Launch is the starting point in the process of planting a new, healthy church.

At Launch, you'll learn from our team of high-caliber facilitators and sit around the table with qualified coaches who are ready to equip you for your journey.

You'll also receive practical, hands-on training and have the opportunity to engage in creative dialogue with other church planters. When finished, you'll leave Launch equipped for God's call on your life and inspired to take the next step in your ministry.




Church planter and spouse

Early registration: $499
Late registration: $549 starting June 28, 2018

Additional team members

Early registration: $100
Late registration: $125 starting June 28, 2018



Mike Santiago.jpg

Mike Santiago

Lead Pastor at Focus Church in Apex, NC

Mike Santiago launched Focus Church in 2012 in Apex, NC, where every Sunday the message of life-change reaches people from all over North Carolina. Mike is the son and grandson of missionaries in Spain and a training coordinator on the CMN Field-Based Team.

Greg Ford.jpeg

Greg Ford

Lead Pastor at One Church in Columbus, OH

Greg Ford serves as lead pastor at One Church in Columbus, OH. He is the founder of the IGNITE Network, a network of churches focused on funding, resourcing, and coaching new churches to a place of stability and health. Greg also serves on the CMN Lead Team.



Greg and Shaylyn Ford.jpeg

Greg and Shaylyn Ford

Lead Pastors at One Church


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What you learn at Launch

During CMN Launch, our team of facilitators and table coaches will walk with you through practical learning sessions designed to prepare you for ministry.


Session 1: My Story

Session 2: Healthy Marriage & Family

Session 3: Vision

Session 4: Team Building

Session 5: Budget

Session 6: Fundraising

Session 7: Pre-Launch Meetings

Session 8: Marketing & Awareness


Session 9: Finding Your Location

Session 10: Systems (Connect)

Session 11: Systems (Grow)

Session 12: Systems (Serve)

Session 13: Systems (Go)

Session 14: Systems (Worship)


Coaches Panel

Next Steps

Final Evaluation

Prayer Service

Graduation Ceremony


What you get from Launch

At every CMN Launch event the lead planter receives a collection of books, resources, demographic research, online tools, and CMN swag. In addition, their whole team receives the latest version of the official CMN Launch training manual.

On your CMN Launch USB, you'll gain access to dozens of helpful tools and ministry resources:

  • TruFire™ kid's ministry sample lessons
  • Budget outlines
  • Launch checklists
  • Sample ministry plans
  • Fundraising tools
  • Church governance documents
  • Service run-sheets
  • Team formation guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time does Launch start and end each day?

A: Registration for Launch begins at 8:00 AM on Wednesday and the day ends at 5:30 PM. Thursday's training begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 5:30 PM. Friday begins at 8:30 AM and ends at noon (12:00 PM).

Q: What are Launch attendees responsible for?

A: Launch attendees are responsible for their own transportation, travel, and housing arrangements, as well as the completion of their pre-work before the event. Attendees are also responsible for their breakfast and dinner arrangements.  Lunch, coffee, and snacks are provided by CMN during the Launch event.

Q: Are there any recommended hotels near the Launch event?

A: Hotel recommendations vary by event. Check under "Location" on the event page for information on nearby hotels (if available).

Q: Who can I talk to if I have questions about Launch?

A: If you have any additional questions, contact our CMN Launch coordinator, Jordan Deese (