What is the Matching Fund?

The Church Multiplication Network and AG Trust want to financially partner with church planters to maximize the launch of new churches. Our Matching Fund is a proven tool that serves as an accelerator to multipliers.

When a church planter receives matching funds, they’re committing to be a part of a national church planting movement. Each dollar replenished into the Matching Fund is immediately turned around and used to fund another church plant. Matching Fund recipients are not simply receiving a one-time gift. They become part of something that God is doing across the country that is helping to reach unchurched and dechurched people.


Matching Fund Churches have a planting success rate of 90%


How do I become a Matching Fund church?

Every Assemblies of God church planting project can apply for matching funds during their pre-launch phase. Each church planter has an opportunity for CMN to match funds they have raised, up to $30,000, which they agree to replenish back into the Matching Fund. 

If additional funding is necessary for the launch of a healthy church, CMN may award up to $15,000 in additional matching funds. Awarding of these additional funds is based on the following factors:

  • The church's need for additional funding
  • Whether the church is being planted in a top ten city as identified by CMN
  • Environment of the planting location
  • Quality of the ministry plan
  • Availability of funds

What is a Champion Church?

Once a Matching Fund Church replenishes the funds that they were awarded from the Matching Fund, they become a Champion Church. Champion Churches continue to give 1% of their church's income to CMN to further the cause of seeing a healthy church in every community. Our Champion Churches are our most valued partners. They are those who have risen to the challenge of planting a healthy church and committed their time, energy, and income to seeing the Kingdom of God grow in the United States.