What You Need to Know

Thank you so much for committing to coach church planters at CMN Launch! You’re our most trusted experts and practitioners for leading these planters as they start on their church planting journey. Check out the following info for how to set yourself and these planters up for success before the event.

Coaches Checklist

Initial email to planters

  • Send an initial email introducing yourself, give them your phone number, and let them know you would love to set up a time to talk on the phone.

Watch coaching videos

  • These videos below will give some crucial information on leading conversations with these planters well

Initial call to planters

  • Walk them through what Launch will look like (like the Launch schedule, or encourage them to bring a jacket because it might be cold), answer any questions they may have or if they have any special needs or requests, ask if they’ve completed their CMN Ministry Plan in their Launch pre-work, and pray for them.

If your Launch Projects have completed their Ministry Plan and it has been sent to you by the CMN team, review it and familiarize yourself with their future church.


Coaching Competencies with Sam Farina

Part 1: Listening

Part 2: Asking Questions

Part 3: Designing Action

Part 4: Encouragement


Ministry Plan Guidelines

Arrival Time

  • You will need to plan to arrive on the Tuesday before the event for a 5:00 PM meeting – usually at the host church.

  • Please plan to be at your table from:

    • 7:00PM to 9:00PM on Tuesday

    • 8:30AM to 5:00PM on Wednesday and Thursday

    • 8:30AM to Noon on Friday

Jordan Deese, our CMN Launch Coordinator, will be sending you more detailed information about your Launch Projects as the event approaches with info about their future churches so that you’ll have a picture of what they’re already envisioning their church to look like.


Communication with your Launch Projects

  • Please notify each of your projects by email and prepare to call them within the next 24 hours.

  • Watch the videos below for some important information on leading your conversations well.

  • When you call, check to make sure that your projects are thinking through/have completed their CMN Ministry Plan which is the final item in their Launch Pre-Work.

    • The CMN Ministry Plan will help them start putting their church on paper before the event and allow them to bring specific questions about their church plant to the table.

  • Take time to ask them to share with you the story of the church they will plant and be sure to pray for them.

  • We have emailed your projects their Demographic Percept Report explaining to them the demographics of the community they are planning to plant their church in.

  • Remember, it is possible some of the people you call are PACs – launching new campuses under a parent church.

  • Please ask about any special needs your projects may have so you can be prepared when they arrive.