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CMN’s primary website for information, news, and events
Essential resources for healthy churches, all completely FREE
Get started on your roadmap to launch day using CMN’s Steps to Plant, or commit to a vision of multiplication in your church using CMN’s Steps to Multiply at
Learn more about CMN Launch training events and register for an event near you
Prepare for the annual CMN Conference – and listen to archived breakout sessions from previous years
Join the Multiply Cohort to pursue a one-year journey of multiplication that will lead the the growth of your church’s disciples, leaders, and Kingdom impact

View CMN’s options for church planter assessment

Matching Fund
Learn more about Matching Funds from CMN and the AGTrust for both new church planters and pastors pursuing post-launch funding

Top 25 Communities
View the list of the largest communities in the United States that do not have an Assemblies of God church

Parent-Affiliated Churches
Learn more about Parent-Affiliated Churches and follow our recommended process for starting a Parent-Affiliated Church (PAC)

The CMN Blog
Read stories, watch videos, and learn more about what CMN is doing across the country by following the CMN Blog

CMN Leadership Podcast
Every week, Chris Railey, director of CMN, shares valuable insights into church leadership in this new podcast


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