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CMN Launch


3 Days | $499

Launch is a two-and-a-half day intensive course designed to prepare anyone who feels like starting a church could be in their future. Whether you're six months out, twelve months out, or more, Launch is the starting point in the process of planting a new, healthy church.

Launch is led by current church planters and on-site mentors blending proven principles and practical how-to's such as:

  • Shaping vision & values
  • Recruiting a team
  • Raising funds
  • Building awareness
  • Establishing systems

Join us to learn from our team of high-caliber facilitators and sit around the table with qualified coaches who are ready to equip you for your journey. This environment is geared toward providing you with practical, hands-on training and engaging you in creative dialogue with other church planters. When finished, you'll leave this event equipped for your calling and inspired to take the next step in your ministry.

Launch is for those who are thinking about planting or are planning to plant a new church. Spouses are required to attend.

The event runs from Wednesday at 8:30 AM to Friday at 12:00 PM.

February 15-17, 2017

$499 for planter and spouse / $100 for additional team members

Launch Facilitators