At the 2009 General Council in Orlando, Florida, a resolution was passed that would make big difference in the church planting world. This resolution empowers local General Council churches to expand their ministry by establishing new worshiping communities, known as Parent Affiliated Churches (PAC), with a congregational life that is distinct from the parent congregation.

Parent Affiliated Churches have previously been known as satellites, extension campuses, sites, and video venues, among other names. PACs accommodate a great diversity of methodologies for expanding ministry to bring the gospel to people far from God.

What is a PAC?

A Parent Affiliated Church is an extension of an existing General Council Affiliated Church or duly authorized District Council Affiliated Church resulting in a worshiping community distinct from the Parent Church. A PAC is subject to the ecclesial supervision and authority of the Parent Church, in such a manner, and upon such terms and conditions as are determined by the Parent Church.


Types of Churches

Parent Affiliated Churches


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