What is START Year?

START Year is an opportunity for you to experience groundbreaking ministry at a new church for 9-12 months after you graduate from college. By serving with an experienced church planter, you can learn what it takes to make disciples and reach those far from Jesus.

Whether you plan to be an accountant, teacher, pastor, or scientist, a START Year internship gives you a year to discover who God has called you to be. You can even complete a START Year while you begin your professional career in the marketplace.

And if you think you may want to plant a church some day, START Year gives you the experience you'll need to make it happen.

Who should consider START Year?

  • Do you want to plant a church in the future?
  • Is it your desire to invest your life in the Kingdom?
  • Do you want to reach people who may have never heard the gospel?
  • Are you working, but feeling a calling to help build up the church?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, START Year may be for you!

Why a START Year?

  • Continue your personal development
  • Get hands-on experience
  • Serve a community for the Kingdom
  • Build the Church
  • Be a missionary
  • Make disciples

How does the START Year work?

Match: Whether you already have a destination in mind or need help deciding which trail to take, we can help match you with a ministry leader and location that fits your talents and interests.

Fund: When you wonder how to finance the adventure, we can help provide resources by:

  • Establishing a credible account with the Assemblies of God, which also offers tax-deductions for donors
  • Training and coaching you to raise funds for support
  • Providing you with account specialists who assist with bookkeeping and ensure legal compliance

Develop: As you clarify your gifts and calling, we can help encourage growth by:

  • Providing accountability for reaching your goals
  • Providing a path for next steps as you progress

What's my next step?

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