Church Multiplication Network


Matching Fund FAQ




Initial Funding Questions:


Are Matching Funds a type of loan or grant?

Matching Funds are not considered a grant because the ongoing efforts of the Fund depend on the replenishment of the money awarded to you. Matching Funds are also not a loan. Your monthly financial replenishments have no interest attached and are based on the monthly income of your church. To qualify for Matching Funds, you commit to give 10 percent of your undesignated tithes and offerings each month. The money given is paid forward into the Church Multiplication Network (CMN) Matching Fund. The money you’ve paid forward will be used to invest in future church plants.


If I receive Matching Funds, will I have to follow certain rules when planting my church?

The purpose of CMN is to equip, fund, and network church planters — not tell you how to do church ministry. However, if you are awarded Matching Funds, you will be asked to respond to a survey each month on the status of your church plant. Additionally, any other requirements for your church plant would come from your AG District and/or parent church.


We filed a New Church Opened form, but haven't launched yet. Are we still eligible for Matching Funds?

Possibly. In order to qualify for Matching Funds, we require that each church plant submit a New Church Opened form or Parent Affiliated Church (PAC) Charter form. A church is classified as open once their district has filed these forms with the General Secretary’s office. Because the purpose of the Matching Funds are for the pre-launch phase of a church plant, you will not be eligible for funds if you’ve already had a public launch service. If you have a New Church Opened form on file and it is classified as open, this is not necessarily equivalent to a public launch. Because we do not fund churches after they launch, it is important to submit your application a minimum of 12 weeks prior to your launch.


Do I have to pay back the Matching Funds?

By receiving these funds, the planted church agrees to give ten percent (10%) to the Church Multiplication Network from the undesignated income received by the new church every month.

For example, if your income in January is $5,000, you are agreeing to give $500 toward the Matching Fund. If your income in January is $10,000, you are agreeing to give $1000 toward the Matching Fund. Therefore, the amount you give to the Matching Fund is dependent upon the amount of undesignated income received by the church every month. This agreement will continue until the amount that you have replenished (a.k.a. paid forward) into the CMN Matching Fund is equal to the original investment that CMN awarded you. When this is complete, an additional commitment to give a minimum of one percent (1%) of all undesignated income every month to CMN applies.


How do I obtain the documentation to affiliate my new church plant with the Assemblies of God?

Your first step should be to contact your AG District office. They can help you understand the differences between the three types of affiliation—General Council Affiliated, District Council Affiliated, or Parent Affiliated Church. If you still have questions, please contact the CMN office for assistance.


When I submit my application for Matching Funds, how long should I expect it to take before I find out if I am approved or not?

CMN strives to keep the turnaround time on all applications as short as possible. We ask that you submit your application to our office no later than 12 weeks prior to the public launch of your church plant. In order to help speed up the process, please make sure that your application is completed in full along with the additional information requested. These funds are awarded if you qualify and the funds are available. Therefore, these funds are not a guarantee and you should not make financial commitments based on these funds being awarded.


If I am approved to receive Matching Funds, will the entire amount be mailed to me directly?

If you are approved, all funds will be mailed to your Primary Partner as designated on your application. The Primary Partner will then be responsible for distributing the funds to you in a manner that maximizes the momentum of the public launch of the new church.


How soon can I receive funding for a new church?

The soonest CMN will fund a new church is ninety (90) days prior to your public launch. The timeline for each application is based upon when an application is received and completed, when the approval process is completed, and when funding is available.



Requirement Questions:

Do I have to hold my ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God in order to apply for Matching Funds?



Do I need to completed a background check and/or credit report to apply for CMN Matching Funds?

Church Multiplication Network requires a background check and credit report on each Matching Fund applicant. These will be waived if either of the following has occurred within the last two years.
☐The applicant was granted Assemblies of God credentials.
☐The applicant was granted a higher level of Assemblies of God credential (i.e. moved from Certified to License OR License to Ordained)


Do multi-site locations and/or satellite campuses qualify for Matching Funds?

Possibly. To qualify for Matching Funds, whoever is designated, as the campus pastor for this venue must hold ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God. Additionally, the campus pastor must be different from the Primary Partner contact.


What is an Assessment?

An assessment is the process of discerning whether a potential church planter is called to plant a church and whether the person is right for a specific new work. In order to qualify for Matching Funds, you will need to complete the Profile Assessment System (PAS/Ridley) with a nationally certifed assessor or a district process that has been nationally approved. We encourage you to begin by contacting your AG District office and speaking with the individual responsible for church planting within your district.


What are you looking for in a Ministry Plan?

Please refer to the CMN Ministry Plan Rubric. A CMN Ministry Plan will give a clear picture of your community and your church to people who may not know you, your community, or church. The CMN Ministry Plan Rubric describes the elements expected in a ministry plan and how the ministry plan will be evaluated.


What is CMN LAUNCH and do I have to attend one to qualify for Matching Funds?

CMN LAUNCH is a two-and-a-half day process that provides strategic planning to prepare people to start new churches. During LAUNCH, church planters will review all aspects of the planting process under the leadership of a team of facilitators and coaches with real world experience. CMN strongly suggests that everyone interested in starting a new church attend a LAUNCH. To qualify for Matching Funds, CMN requires that you complete CMN Launch or a district training that has been nationally approved.


What is a church planting coach?

A coach is an individual with a developed skill set who partners with a client in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. There are individuals who have been certified as a coach, and in order to qualify for Matching Funds, you will need to have a certified coach or Primary Partner approved coach. If you need help finding a coach, CMN would love to help. Just contact our office and we will help connect you.


Do I have to have more than one partner to receive Matching Funds?

We believe it is in the best interest of the planter to have more than one partner. In some cases, one partner can suffice but there are many cases where CMN will require additional partners. Because there are so many unique situations that we encounter, please contact our office if you have any questions.


If I am applying for a similar program with a different organization, am I still eligible for CMN Matching Funds?

No. If you receive funds from another church planting organization, you are no longer eligible to receive CMN Matching Funds. If additional funding is necessary for the launch of a healthy church, CMN may award up to $15,000 in additional Matching Funds. Awarding of these funds is based on the following factors: the need for additional funding, whether the church is being planted in a Top 10 city as identified by CMN, environment of the planting location, quality of the ministry plan, and availability of funds.



Partner Questions


What is a Primary/Secondary Partner and who qualifies as a partner?

A Primary/Secondary Partner commits to stand with the church planter and church-planting project in prayer and support. They will provide stewardship of the Matching Funds in partnership with the planter, and will agree to replenish the funds if the church plant is not able to do so. The Matching Fund check will be sent to the Primary Partner, and it is their responsibility to ensure that the funds are used by the planter in a manner that maximizes the launch of the church plant. The Planter and the Partner(s) cannot be the same person.


Do I need to have a partner?

Yes. Every Matching Fund Church must have a Primary Partner. Most churches also have additional Secondary Partners.


Why do I need a partner?

Part of the application process ensures that every Matching Fund Church has a foundation of relationships for a healthy launch. Partners provide spiritual, emotional, and practical support for a church planter. They are people who understand the vision of this new church and are willing to help it come to fruition. Without this foundation of relationships, CMN could not help so many churches launch well.


What does a partner agree to for a Matching Fund Application?

I/We, the undersigned, commit to stand with this planter and church-planting project in prayer and support. I/We will provide stewardship of the Matching Funds in partnership with this planter. I/We understand that the Church Multiplication Network (CMN) will distribute the awarded funds to the primary partner. As the Primary Partner, I/We will ensure the funds are disbursed in a manner that maximizes the momentum of the public launch of the new church. I/We agree that if for any reason the church plant is unable to replenish the funds received from CMN, I/We will ensure that the funds will be replaced at a pace equal to or exceeding the average monthly amount being replaced at the time the church plant ceases to make replenishment payments. I/We understand, in the event there are multiple partners, one individual/organization must be designated as the Primary Partner. The Primary Partner would become responsible for managing the relationship among all other partners (a.k.a. Secondary Partner(s)). Ultimately, the Primary Partner is responsible for ensuring the Matching Funds are replenished in the event the church plant is unable to do so. I/We have read and understand the qualifications; I/We have read and approve of the Ministry Plan provided by the church planter; and I/We verify that the planter has met the standards of qualification for receiving the Matching Funds.



Replenishment Questions


How do I know that my money won't be used for administrative costs?

You can be confident that 100 percent of the funds paid forward are invested in new churches in the United States.


After I finish replenishing the Matching Funds, what’s next?

When the Matching Fund amount is paid forward in full, the planted church agrees to continue to give a minimum of one percent (1%) of all undesignated income every month to CMN to support the planting of new churches through CMN resources. The one percent (1%) commitment will remain in effect in perpetuity.