Take a Church Planter Assessment

Taking an assessment can help you discover your readiness for planting a church. There a several levels of assessment, ranging from the free Church Planting Profiles quiz to the more in-depth PAS/Ridley.

Watch Free Training Videos

Browse our collection of free church planter training videos, with topics ranging from "How do I know if I'm supposed to plant a church?" to "How do I engage with my community?"

Also, don't forget to check in every two weeks for the latest CMN <10 interviews with expert church planters and leaders.

Attend Church Planter Training

CMN Launch is a regional training event designed to provide you with the resources and training you need to launch and maintain a healthy church plant. If you know you want to plant a church, this is the best concrete step you can take toward making that a reality.

Get the Funding You Need

The CMN and AG Trust Matching Fund offers up to $45,000 to future church planters who qualify. Get the funds you need to maximize the launch of your new church.